Monday, December 24, 2012

Biased evaluation and comments on NJ with a hidden agenda.

Do read this here. If you have the time, do also read Jimmy's coverage of the event in his earlier posts. I am not going to say anything now but I will give my evaluation later. Read this first and see if you can spot where all the misdirections are before I put up my evaluation. Then compare after I have posted and weigh the matter for yourself.


  1. Someone's coverage of NJ in a blog caused a junior to lose steam and lose out in the race for top position?

  2. I think you should wait for my evaluation before jumping to conclusions. But let me address your point of coverage since you brought it up. A strong mental warrior is about his self belief and not about the opinion of others.

    I also find it difficult to understand Peter's stories about rooms and sight seeing etc because when I have acted as a Coach in Asean, Asian Youth and now this NJ etc, I have never found the time to read or write blogs. I have always been too busy seeing how my players are faring and finding ways and means for them to improve their performance during the tournament.

    So in short I dont even read the blogs during tournament time. Just results and then strategy and preparation for next round. I read after the tournament. It's been fun after a years rest. Now to catch up with the rest.

    Answer your question?

  3. Not really.

    But hope you have a blessed holiday with your beloved ones.

    Merry X'mas!