Friday, December 14, 2012

Yet another reason why Malaysia does not have her own GM- Energy Vampires.

The reasons. Here.

Another reason. Here.

The players need energy from self belief to win Tournaments. When the clock starts they are on their own. And this is how their energy is robbed by energy Vampires.

Lets look at how Jimmy, Peter, Alen and Irwan etc argues. They do not engage in balanced arguments. What they do is to try to fixate on a perceived weakness and then pound it again and again repeatedly like a mantra.

So they keep saying I do not play chess and totally blank out the fact that I have produced a National Junior or that I have put a Junior into the senior squad via an open selection. They also ignore the very obvious fact that I must consult with stronger technical trainers than them but who subscribes to my philosophy. My trainers know their limitations and are willing to take instructions from the coach who sees the bigger picture. After all I know my players best for it is me who built them up.

They keep pounding on the fact that Mark had agreed to an 'illegal" draw once in 2010 after so many years of competition in one moment of weakness. They totally ignore the fact that no child is born mentally strong. Mental strength comes with time and careful nurturing. It's a process of learning.

So why do they do this? Why are they unable to think rationally at all? I submit this argument for your consideration.

It's called energy transfer. The people who do this sort of thing just simply cannot generate their own energy from their own achievements or results and so they must take the energy from our players and others. They do this by trying to raise themselves up to their illusory "Godhood" status by the simple process of keeping others down. Ergo, the glass ceiling.

They do this because they are bankrupt of ideas. And that is why these type of people need to fix matches, ban their way to "success" after draining all the energy from their own players. They have no other way to achieve results to gain energy for themselves since "success" is a great boost of energy.

And so they must put down, they must pretend to be stupid and not see your achievements or results. For if they do then they cannot keep their delusions of grandeur.

Look at the players who got into the clutches of the energy Vampires. I think you will see this pattern. Their technical may improve but they will play weaker and weaker chess over time.

With their spirit and energy intact what you will see is the players playing stronger and stronger chess with improvements in their technical understanding.

These guys offer you the short cuts not because they care about you. It's all about their egos and self aggrandisement. They not only have nothing to offer you but they will keep you pinned down. So why use them? Why not use technical trainers/coaches who build you up instead?

In this way, these guys have taken the GM's out from the inside of our extremely talented and gifted players. In this way they have destroyed Malaysian chess. Can you remember who else they have robbed in this way?

Note: And then the ones that took the back doors offered (think poison pawn) are also robbed of their personal achievement from their own effort. And then they too can eventually become the next generation of energy Vampires. You think? Isn't this the cycle that have kept us backwards for so many many years?

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