Monday, December 17, 2012

Website for NJ


I am not at all sure if this website will be manned at all since even the so called Malaysian Chess Portal has been suspended. But check it out just in case.


  1. When I read your articles from the begining until latest issue I agreed why Malaysia does not have her first GM.I fully hope... try your best to deliver the first GM for Malaysia, even there so many hurdles infront you

    Abdul Karim Rafiaa.

  2. Actually we did discuss this during NJ with several parents of National players. What I said was that we needed more good people to help out. Many of the parents have specific skills that would be beneficial to the whole chess community. Really the crooks have managed to take over the game not because they are any good but by default. It's simply apathy by those that can do something. Just start from where u are. I write a blog and I coach. What can you offer?