Friday, December 7, 2012

Musings- What have bullies got in common?

Right at the very beginning of FGM, we went about doing our work trying to find ways and means to develop the Juniors without disturbing anyone. But we were incessantly attacked by Jimmy and his cronies. He attacked our programs and he attacked my players. Somehow our ideas of developing the juniors deeply frightened and offended him. When we finally decided to retaliate in self defence he goes around saying that he doesn't understand why I have such a negative opinion of him.

I guess him and his kind have gotten too used to bullying small children and frightened parents. They just don't know how to handle it when people can fight back. So that is also the clue to beating him on the chess table. Bullies are really cowards. And cowardice will show in all they do.

And now on facebook we have 2 more small time cronies, Alen and Irwan from Neo Manhattan. And they think they are the chess community. I think they can only come to that conclusion because they can't count.

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