Saturday, December 1, 2012

A question for the auditors.

I was informed that tomorrow's meeting will also see the presentation of accounts as well as discuss the issues brought up by Jimmy, Peter and FGM. This is a good thing.

This will show that MCF is impartial and not abusing its authority. This will also answer my question whether if MCF is a terrorist organisation in no uncertain terms.

I am still waiting for an acknowledgement from Haslinda but that is ok. I think she may be busy doing the accounts. Enough committee member have received my letter to ensure that all the accusations will be heard and a proper deliberation conducted. We are of course all holding our breath because this is an historic event.

For the accounts portion of the deliberation allow me to contribute a point as a caring and sharing member of the chess community. After all we all want transparent accounts right?

I am confident that Haslinda will present accounts that will also name the projects, the structure in the form of who the sponsors were, who had authority to negotiate on behalf of MCF, who was paid what etc. You also need to account for the trips and courses together with the proper resolutions showing authority from the main committee for usage of funds etc as well as the inflows and outflows backed by bank statements.

(I am sure that rumours of even money from Fide etc have been diverted to private accounts must be false as Haslinda has so confidently stepped up to be treasurer. That is a confident statement showing she knows where all the money has gone so it's all in good hands).

So back to the question.

Sometime after Greg became Secretary of MCF he claimed that the accounts of the previous administration was in a total mess and zeroed the accounts. I understand that to mean that MCF starts again from zero as far as the bank balance goes.

Question: What has happened to all the assets of MCF in terms of the clocks etc? That is a source of revenue for MCF. Has it gone to private personalities or elsewhere?

I hope the auditors can look into this.

Thank you.

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