Friday, December 28, 2012

National Junior- A FGM evaluation and commentary-Part 2.

Ref: Here.

You can see from the unsolicited comments in the link above from Norlito, a Fide instructor and father of a Filipino National Junior that the journey of dropping safe openings and transitioning into sharp lines and main line theories is a must if our own Juniors are to progress further. But we didn't have Norlito's insights at the time of our investigation.

So let me take you back to a conversation that Mark had with Yit San and Yit Ho just over a year ago. Mark shared that he was changing his openings to main lines as he was fed up of the staid lines he was playing and wanted richer openings. Now if you are playing actively then a good way to transition would be to do it one opening at a time. But shortly after that conversation Mark was locked down for STPM. Both good and bad in a way. Bad because he had no way of testing his new lines in a proper tournament but good because we could use the little time we had between his studies to complete the transition.

And so for that one year that we laid off, we saw that Yit San was also transitioning. And we saw that he didn't do so well till it all came together at this National Junior. So good for him. That is the way and you need to take the hits till your weapons become stress tested.

As for Mark, he had to struggle with whether to go back to his safe and tested lines or to use his new and untested lines at National Junior this year. I suggested that he does not turn back but to forge forward. And there is no better way of showing up bugs in his new openings than National Junior.

And so I now see at least 2 Juniors who are moving in what I believe to be the correct route. And I am gratified that at least one Filipino Fide instructor with a successful Junior openly agrees with my evaluation.

I asked Mark, what is the hurry? The nature of the Juniors journey is like this. In any one year some of them will be in an exam year and will have to slow down or stop. And so we will see changes in the top rankings. And this will continue till they have completed their studies and find the time to commit to chess if that is what they want. The aim is always to improve your chess. The aim is never to try for the short cuts and back doors. Why? It is simply because if you do then you will end up like those that uses the Jimmy method.

So why do I say that Jimmy has a hidden agenda for his extremely biased evaluation? That is because Jimmy also entered his own player. And his player played with Mark. So he knows or should know that Mark has changed his openings. But Jimmy does not have the honesty of declaring this in his evaluation. Instead I saw Najib making a side remark on Jimmy's blog that there is a dark horse in the tournament. So they were hoping for some sort of ambush and then presumably Jimmy can then come up and claim that his player won the day. But it did not work out for them that way.

Btw Jimmy, that opening Mark played against your player was the first time he ever played it in a Tournament. And that goes for some of the other openings he played at NJ. I am quite satisfied with that result although we have to do repairs on his other lines.

But I can understand why you don't declare your player. We have seen it before with Peter. Only make the claim after "your player" has won. If not then you deny they were ever your player. Why this way? After all you say you have 30 plus years to my 2. Why not be proud of your players? Then show us how you have developed them. This way we cannot see how many you have burned before you make a claim of success, if any. And why did you put in this player instead of Li Tian, Jimmy? Care to explain your reasoning?

And Peter, that is a very toxic congratulations to Yit San? You know very well that none of our players will do well at the Asian and World Junior level for the reason that they are transitioning late after having been mislead by you guys for all this time. Besides Yit San is new to that level of competition. The best that we can hope for is that he continues to improve after the exposure. And to increase the chance of that happening he needs to be accompanied by a team of U20 Juniors. We have seen what happens when we send our players out one at a time. Ref: here.

Why don't you sit down and reflect on how your players did at NJ, Peter, instead of saying you want to see how Yit San will do at Asian and World Junior? Wouldn't that be more productive instead of the sight seeing and rubbish talking like you did at World Youth etc?

So are you guys really for Malaysian chess? It looks like you are setting our players up for failure. Why is this? Is it so that you guys can still try to get in to play for the senior squad via the back door and get your free holidays by knocking all our Juniors out (including the ones you say you are "training")?

Let me tell you this. Your free places are going to be over soon. There are a few strong players coming up now. We saw this in Penang also. No matter what you do, they will continue improving and you guys are history. So you can stop your antics now. Many many people now know you to be the frauds you are.

Why do it this way? If you want a holiday then earn the money for it and go yourself. Why pretend to be chess players and steal the place from the real chess players? If you want to be a trainer then train your players well. Why train them for PR stunts and then get them in via the back door because you know they cannot compete? Why not be proud of your players and announce them instead of teaching them how to hide in the dark? Have you no confidence in your own abilities despite you saying you have 30 years to my 2? So tell me. How can I help you to stand tall and be proud of yourself and your players? I have already shared a lot of my methods here to give you guys a chance to catch up. What more do you want me to do to help you improve? Tell me and I will consider.

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