Monday, December 10, 2012

A day full of pleasant surprises.

I started the day reading about Yee Weng fighting in Singapore. Then I read that Jimmy and Mas are playing in Penang Open. All fantastic news. You have no chance of winning if you have quit the fight. Finally some sense is returning to Malaysian chess.

And then to cap it all into a great day I read this coming from Peter. Here. Doesn't it sound a little like this? Here. He has come a long way indeed. Good for him. Keep it up Peter.

All debates on chess are best settled on the table, preferably in a gentlemanly manner. The table is the best provider of the truth. My fat number is bigger than your fat number is totally delusional.

So my best wishes to all in your individual endeavours. I hope this is the end to the back doors and circumventing and victimising our own players. I hope this is the end of banning players better than the ones you can produce.

Looking forward to the coming National Junior. Just paid up today. See you guys there.

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