Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Strongest Malaysian Juniors 2012.

A very very big Congratulations to NJM Fong Yit San and NWJM Tan Li Ting.

The undisputed strongest Malaysian male and female junior for the year 2012. 

I will write a deeper evaluation later but let me just mention a few things here quickly. It was an honour to take part in this well fought event after absence from Tournament chess for a complete year apart from a rapid event at Datmo mid year. This year Jimmy had also enrolled one of his students to contest as well. Good for you Jimmy. So we had students from Jimmy, Jax Tham, Peter and FGM entered Mark. This is the way. Contest on the table and not via PR campaigns and designed fat numbers to make dubious claims. Unconstitutional bannings of strong players produced by others just because you cannot produce strong players yourself should also be addressed by MCF.

The table has spoken for this year and all should accept the results and acclaim these 2 Champions as our strongest Juniors 2012.

A well run Tournament and Najib should be proud of this event.

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