Monday, December 10, 2012

What questions must this inane resistance raise?

I don't think there is any chess player in the World apart from those few that we have in Malaysia that thinks that just Fide rating justifies the claim that you are the strongest player. I don't think there is any chess player in the world that thinks that the claim of strongest junior is justified by a PR campaign apart from those few in Malaysia.

So how did these people get so twisted and so out of touch with reality?

I believe that my assertion that we cannot develop our players in Malaysia if the money keeps disappearing down a dark hole is also beyond dispute.

And so we have a player who has come out to lead the attack against my assertions, then we had organisers as well. But they do not say anything about the obvious facts that I have stated. Instead they attack me personally. So the question is why yes? Do they hope that by destroying my credibility with spurious attacks the questions will go away? Do they think they can frighten me into silence?

But then everyone in Malaysia has already seen how re-energising to Malaysian chess the selection for SEA games was. So how can they still keep the lid on this? Do they really think they can frighten all the chess players in Malaysia until they cannot see the obvious?

There is no way in the world, no matter how you twist the selection criteria that you can justify Jimmy going to the Olympiad. He by passed Nicholas Chan. You also cannot justify dropping Eng Chiam. So no matter how they twist or turn, they cannot get out of this. And we saw the results of Jimmy's play at the Olympiad. That should have been the final nail in the coffin.

But still they resist and come up with more rubbish. So the big why again. Lets postulate here a little. Why so much fear against what is so reasonable an assertion?

We know that recently one officer in MCF has also came out in support of Jimmy without any grounds. So I believe this shows an MCF link. The struggle in MCF now is over the accounts. So how does this affect Jimmy and now recently, a small time organiser who just did a small time Fide tournament?

From the strength of their fears does this indicate that maybe Jimmy should also be investigated for some sort of complicity with the private income generating accusations levied against MCF? Does this indicate that there is some complicity between organisers like Neo Manhattan and the private income generating accusations levied against MCF?

Note: These 2 guys from Neo Manhattan have come up recently to attack me personally on facebook. What have they got against the idea that we need money for development? What have they got against the idea of selection till they are foaming in the mouth with their rabid attacks?

What do you think?

Because without some form of complicity why would they continually make up such blatant lies and stupid remarks despite what all the evidence overwhelmingly shows. Are they scared of being exposed too? Why do these handful of bad apples continually try to make us think that they are the entire chess community? What are they trying to hide from us? What have they got to lose that they dedicate so much time to my blog?

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