Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Creativity is found within the rules.

One would imagine that in chess where there are so many children, they would realise that part of the lessons of chess is that creativity is found within the rules. Would we feel proud of the achievements of Kasparov for instance, if he had been found cheating his way to the top? It's about his ability to find solutions without breaking the rules fighting tough adversaries that is his hallmark isn't it?

So why do we celebrate the back room boys here in Malaysia? By-passing selection because they have lost their nerve and yet they talk so much. Trying to ban a National player instead of improving his skills as a trainer and yet he talks so much. This is not chess. This is cheating. This is the road to creating criminals.

And then they try their belligerence and threats so that no one will dare to question them. That is what gangsters do.

They also have the support of certain people in MCF. These people will overlook all of the transgressions against even their own rules but they will try to have a hearing when someone points out that cheating is wrong.

They put up the cheaters as the hero's for our kids to emulate. Become just like Jimmy, Hamid will say etc etc.

So who has destroyed Malaysian chess? Who has destroyed our players?

If we want strong players in Malaysia, players with mental strength then we teach them that creativity is found within the rules. Cheaters are cheaters because they have no more ideas to improve. And when they graduate they become criminals.

They are teaching the wrongs things. They are supporting the rule breakers, they are supporting mentally weak players and trainers. That is what MCF breeds. So what do we want to teach our kids? Isn't it very obvious that MCF needs to be changed?

Creativity can only be found within the rules. Chess shows us this with every game that you play. Chess shows you this everyday. Every time you celebrate a Champion you celebrate a guy or gal who has beaten the odds within the rules. Isn't that what the game of chess is all about? Think about it.

Those guys don't know chess. They only know how to cheat and break the rules. And they are teaching all this to our children. Do they deserve our respect?

So MCF, follow your own rules to earn our respect. Punish the rule breakers according to your constitution. Don't allow your officers to try to intimidate people who point out to you that your own rules have been broken.

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