Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Is there a match fixing gang operating in Malaysian chess?


Please note that this is a question also. Chess is a mental sport and so we want to encourage our thinkers to ask sensible questions. Questions are permissible in any man made organisation. Humans are fallible and so questions help us to improve. Remember when I asked if MCF is a terrorist organisation? Just a question. Maybe MCF had given a talking to in private to Jimmy for his terrorist attacks on the blogs etc and then gave him that place in the Olympiad as a reward for good behaviour. How am I to know? So I ask. Nothing wrong there.

Maybe MCF told Peter off for banning without grounds and then tried to reward him with National rapid and blitz etc for good behaviour. How am I to know? So I ask. Nothing wrong there. You must admit that the signals are quite mixed. So I seeked clarification.

Questions are the way to get to the right answers. But recently I have been reading that some organisations are ordained by God according to some, and so cannot be questioned. You can only question if it comes from man but not from God. Lets try this argument then. So is MCF also ordained by God and so cannot be questioned? Is Jimmy Liew or Peter ordained by God too? I know Jimmy and Peter thinks they are God and so they say they can tell who is going to succeed in Malaysian chess and who will not. And so they are permitted to bypass every single chess player in Malaysia who may be stronger than them or their ordained one. No need for selection. Their word is Gospel.

But what did we see instead. Both Jimmy the God of kup chai's and his ordained one did not perform. Peter did not even see his own player till he became NM. So to me at least there must be some doubt as to their claims of "Godhood". So I asked God to open my eyes and show me the truth. Are they the Gods of Malaysian chess?

Once they said the Earth was flat and it was heresy to say the World is round. And they persecuted you if you dare to even suggest that. So we need to think, we need to ask questions and we need to ask God to open our eyes to the people who spread lies. Because after much questions and following the clues, we found hey presto, the Earth is round after all.

The Question.

This question popped in my head when this Alen and Irwan fellas started attacking me personally on facebook. I never even heard of them before. I can understand Jimmy wanting to protect the people giving him free holidays as a player but why this Neo Manhattan people? Then I was informed that they did this Fide Tournament recently and is trying to make it in chess. So what have they got against me speaking out for selection and the other issues I raised? I mean its a dangerous stand for them to take isn't it. Almost everyone in chess is against match fixing and banning without grounds etc. Only a very very small handful still think they can get away with this now. So why take such risks if they want to succeed in chess as an organiser?

Maybe, just maybe I thought. Maybe they think they will also be rewarded like Jimmy and Peter by certain people in MCF if they too make their senseless attacks. Maybe this is a sort of gang initiation rite. Maybe if they pass the test they can also carry the badge of match fixing gang proudly on their lapel and collect their reward.


Remember this is just a question ok. I am sure MCF has already investigated this and found it not to be true. Maybe I just have a strong imaginaton. Maybe Haslinda's acknowledgement of Jimmy and not the many issues raised by me is because she is busy with the accounts. Maybe Greg has been so busy that he hasn't had time to give Mark his National Junior winners cert for 2010. Maybe Greg has already got it signed and it's waiting for me at National Junior this year.


So questions are ok MCF unless you also claim to be ordained by God and therefore cannot be questioned too. What will be good is some proper explanations from you. You see if I ask my God questions in my confusion, my God will lead me to the truth. So if you think you are God, then show us the truth. The other hides in lies. So which are you? Man, God or the other? But that's another question yes?


  1. Is there a match fixing gang operating in Malaysian chess?

    Maybe. But if that someone who you dislike is in it, he won't have to withdraw from the current tournament, would he? (no names should be mentioned here).

    If you know the history of Malaysian chess, in the 90's a few chess players were caught of match fixing. MCF had banned them for a length of time. Today most of them are back in the Malaysian Chess, one is also a successful Chess Organiser!

    Disclaimer; My comments are not meant to attack or defend anyone. It is my answer to your question, Mr RS.

  2. I have heard of the banning of players in the past. If they have served their bans then you should let it go. Even prisoners in jail are allowed to continue with their lives after their sentence. But abdooss I think you are missing the point again. My question is about whether there is match fixing that involves MCF itself? Think of this. Is fraudulent selection a form of match fixing? Is manipulation of pairings by arbiters like the one that Hamid boasted about at Datmo rapid this year, a form of match fixing etc etc? That is much bigger than match fixing by players no? So who is to investigate this?

  3. Good to know we can agree on something, though it's about something that happened in the past.

    The future; maybe an independent committee is in order (just like the Malaysian Royal Commission).

  4. I respond to reason. I am usually not impressed with threats, put downs etc. I am sure we agree on more things than just that.

    Anyway I think the best way is for complaints by all affected parties to reach COS. With more reports they can take action. They have the authority over MCF.