Saturday, July 30, 2011


When you go to a chess tournament, what do you experience? In the main there is a lot of bonhomie, back slapping, tea tarik sessions and dialogues. Everything that is discussed on the blogs are talked about in groups there.

In real life the malevolence we see on the blogs are not visible. Najib did raise a concern and a valid one in my opinion. If someone were to visit the blogs would what they see be a true representation of who we are?

I have been getting some feedback from friends who are following the debate. We strongly suspect that it is a very few people who are writing again and again. Congratulating themselves, talking to themselves, issuing threats etc. There are a few of them, no doubt about that, but they are not many.

When I asked for feedback about who is asking people not to support FGM, I was consoled that it was not the officials in MCF. This is important. MCF should not be partial. They need to weigh the issues and give a ruling. And they are guided by the constitution.

So who are these MCF wannabe's? And why dont we feel their presence in tournaments? Why do they need to try and inflate their numbers under a myriad pseudonyms and anonymous comments. What is their objective and what are their motives?

They do not represent the majority. That is obvious. But they have had small successes in influencing a few more people. I think the blogs should represent who we are. I think it's a problem that a few can affect the culture on the blogs simply because they appear everywhere and are belligerent.

Think on this. If they have the numbers and the influence they claim to have, we would feel their presence in real life. The environment will reflect their true numbers. And they will not need to hide. The space they have on the blogs are a distortion. And in my opinion, a distortion that needs to be corrected.

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