Monday, July 25, 2011

A bad mistake.

In fact even the parents are traumatised. There is a sense of helplessness that we cannot do anything to change things. That is why Jimmy thought he can spread lies and slander against FGM with impunity. Crazy distortions of our program for the Juniors at Asean 2010 were launched directly after our first initiative. And the attacks have not stopped since then. They are so used to hammering people who cannot fight back. Parents, players etc.

But wait. Who is FGM? FGM is a registered business in Malaysia. FGM is not Raymond Siew. As a business entity involved with chess, FGM can form partnerships and business alliances. As a business, FGM has the right to conduct its business in peace without attacks from lies and slander.

FGM is a recognised organiser by MCF from the moment FGM conducted the Asean training. And Raymond Siew is a recognised mind coach by MCF. And FGM has a track record of proven projects in Malaysia.

FGM is not without resources and can defend itself against attacks. And so when FGM lodges a complaint it will be recognised and acted on.

Jimmy says that FGM cannot raise the issues to our partners and relevant authorities. Well Jimmy you are wrong. But not to worry Jimmy and friends. The Authorities are not stupid. Our partners are not stupid. FGM will also be placed on the same weighing scale together with you. And if you can substantiate your claims you will be vindicated and FGM unmasked. That is what you want too right, Jimmy?

But this time Jimmy and friends, you are not taking on helpless people. A bad mistake Jimmy.

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