Monday, August 1, 2011

Chess in the dark ages

A democracy is supposed to free the forces of productivity, of innovation. In a democracy even the government's powers are circumscribed, even the powers of the prime minister is circumscribed. In a democracy your individual rights are protected if you do not break the rules. In a democracy you are allowed to conduct your legitimate business free from harassment, free from attacks, from slander and lies.

Let me go back to the first time I met Peter in the first KL Open. He attacked and shouted at the parent of a National Junior. And he attacked another player/trainer. And I was witness to these events. Now he wants the power of the Gods. He wants carte blanche.

In Malaysian chess we witness the arbitrary sacking of an official. We witness the records of a Perak player (10 years back) who made it to the National squad expunged etc. etc..

In a democracy, our contributions big or small should be accurately recorded. Nothing should be added and nothing deleted.

And so now we look to MCF to right the wrongs. This is our democratic right. And as you know we need our institutions to work or this cannot be achieved.

An aside: I am curious. I have noticed that there are some among us who are a lot more vocal about "bersih" than I am and yet choose to stay silent on these issues. It is much easier to shout on the sidelines than when it is in our homes, our community.

We wont have that GM if we continue to allow tyranny to rule chess. Lets get Malaysian chess out of the dark ages. Amen.

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