Friday, July 29, 2011

The trouble FGM caused.

Let us count the ways.

1. FGM conducted a training program for our Juniors going to Asean in 2010. This is arguably the first sponsored and heavily subsidised training for the Juniors before an International Tournament.

2. FGM and its allied blogs made a call requesting MCF to have written selection criteria. The call was based on hearsay that our players did not perform well at the Olympiads. Stories of them not wanting to play but wanting to make business contacts, sell books and of course the now famous case of a game lost because of a handphone ringing. FGM's argument was that if there were any basis to this hearsay and also assuming that MCF has the inside track then we are justified in asking to open up the selection to hungrier players that want a shot. This call succeeded. No more handpicked players.

3. FGM compounded its trouble making by training another Junior who qualified for the SEA games selection. This Junior made it into the Senior squad and will now represent Malaysia.

4. FGM organised Thematic tournaments which is designed to help our stronger players. The Thematics work around the concepts of competitor analysis which FGM argue needs to be the basis and cornerstone of a good training program. And this again was sponsored by new corporate players in chess.

5. FGM sponsored the coverage of the Asian Youth.

Each activity of FGM was followed by virulent attacks on the blogs. Supporters of FGM were warned not to support.

Note: The feedback I have received is that these people are not in MCF.

So what is the method? These people are aware that corporate sponsors get into the game to enhance their reputation and not have their company drawn into controversy. And so a new lie is born everyday. Why would they want to do that? We are crying out for sponsors. The burden the parents have been carrying to develop our National players have been begging for some relief.

What could be the motive? I got my first clue the day Mark was Champion in MSSPK for the U12. Suddenly he made so many enemies. Every year there were new impediments, new traps to knock him out. But he surmounted each hurdle. And now he is National number 2 for U18 and U20.

I am now convinced that there are forces that back certain players to win. And if you are not under that umbrella then watch out. Within this context the attacks start to make sense.

Yes, Chin Seng, it is now quite transparent. It took me a long time to see. But now that I do, I also see I have no choice but to find my own umbrella. But not to worry too much. All I want is a fair shot. Lets just meet at the table and play chess. Lets keep the competition healthy and with fair rules.

In all our years of competition, we have never broken the rules. Many of you know Mark. I think you would be hard pressed to find a boy or girl who conducts himself/herself with more decorum.

And so they need to bring out that one incident in Singapore, where I had a public disagreement with Peter. But I feel that was justified. We finally won against Singapore. And they are trying to use this incident to "ban" Mark.

Actually nothing official out yet. Just no replies to many emails. So I too am curious how this drama will play out. But again my point is this. What does my tete-a-tete with Peter have to do with Mark??

So really, where is the real problem and who are the real trouble makers? Why are they so afraid of healthy competition? This is chess. It is about competition! Sure, back you own horse. No problems there but surely sabotaging and undermining with lies and slander is not in the spirit of the game.

They say that I am causing trouble. Maybe. But the real question is trouble for whom? But trying to use the Peter incident is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

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