Saturday, July 30, 2011


You may have noticed that I keep bringing up Mal/Sing. Does that mean that I don't like Singapore? Rubbing salt into their wounds? Actually no, I have good friends there. They understand that I say this in good spirit. It is to remind us of our achievement internationally. For those are rare in Malaysian chess.

In an International tournament the Malaysian players will band together to help one another. They need to do this or be outclassed. I have seen this with the Juniors. In Asean and Asian Youth (I hear it's not the same with the senior squad). But the end result is usually quite predictable.

Let us look at FGM's vision again. Here.

I stated this when we formed FGM and I have not moved from this. It is not an empty slogan. That culture is the culture that will take us global.

I wish I could package the spirit on that train ride back from Singapore and let you experience it. It was a powerful moment. The parents and the players forgot all the divides on that train. We were all one. And we celebrated that success.

So we need victory to rekindle that spirit. Or was it that spirit that gave us the victory? Or both.

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