Sunday, July 24, 2011

The frog and the scorpion. (new note at bottom)

What is the moral of that story? The scorpion will always stay true to its nature. A few of you have asked me why I bother with people like Jimmy and his "friends"? The answer is because there are too few that can see their venom. And this makes them very dangerous.

Let me recall a couple of stories here. One is of a PICA official who is particularly venomous. He is perhaps the most responsible for all the fixing that went on in the past. One day he called his own daughter to the stage after she did badly in a tournament. The purpose was to embarrass her in public. But the funny thing was everyone around me started making excuses for him. You do not criticise in Perak. The culture is set by too many years of abuse of power. I pointed out to them that this was not an isolated incident. He has done this type of thing so many many times. And yet they did not want to see.

The other was that girl who set her heart in being State Champion. She was forced to accept a draw even though she had won her game. I took up the case but her parents asked me to drop it. They were afraid of being victimised again. But what about the girl? What has happened to her hopes and dreams? How will this affect her later in life?

Many of you think that this happens only in the backwaters and cannot happen in KL. I don't agree. Look again at the Lim Zhuo Ren case. This is real. Everyone wants to train a Champion. Many do it for their ego. But can a Champion be made from intimidation? Why don't the trainers raise a Champion by increasing their skills?

So now you know their methods and hopefully you can see their true motives. Note: In KL they just change methods. The motives remain the same.

I submit that Malaysia is not short of talent. The vast majority is destroyed by people like Jimmy and friends. Talented children are normally precocious. They are full of life. Watch what happens to them over the years. Look out for their methods and see their motives.

Many parents of our current Juniors who are doing well just keep them away from people like that. They circle the wagon. But that is also not enough. They need resources which are normally beyond their individual ability. So we are currently in a no win situation.

This is my conclusion after many years of observation. Any attempt to improve will be sabotaged by these people. Even a training program for the Juniors for Asean. These people are pathological liars and they don't care who they hurt.

So I see no alternative. They wont leave you alone as some wish, if you lie low. They will only leave you alone if you lie so low that you cannot achieve your goals ie when they have broken you.

So we are all being held ransom. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. They abuse you and then say they are doing it for your own good. Look at what Peter said to Jimmy. Can you think of a less deserving organiser? Many of you know him. Here.

What we need are good rulings from MCF, good organisers, good trainers, coaches, players and sponsors. They will not allow this. So I say let us make a stand so the good ones will stay. Tell them what we expect to be the bounds of acceptable behaviour. Enough is enough.

If we dont make a stand we will be here for another 30 years. MCF needs to make a ruling. The lies from Jimmy's blogs are so transparent. Do this and we can progress. The evidence is now irrefutable. Do this for our kids and our future GM. The sabotage has gone on long enough.

Kill off their fighting spirit by abuses and intimidation and no amount of technical will make them Champions. Wake up, open your eyes.

Note: I will be leaving the Jimmy topic after this. I think what I wanted to demonstrate has been done and further pursuit of this subject will not be productive. So now I will focus on our project first gm which I have mentioned previously and I will be submitting my formal complaint on Jimmy first. I do hope more of you will come forward and present evidence on Peter Long. When we have sufficient evidence, I will also submit that. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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