Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear Chin Seng

Yes, I agree it is getting more transparent. In the jungle you need an umbrella. Otherwise it's hard to survive. I remember a time when many parents were up in arms over Li Tian's sponsorship by Dato Tan. Many were saying it was unfair. At that time I defended Li Tian's right to private sponsorship.

That is just the way things are at the moment. Each parent tries to get the sponsorship they can get. And if you work harder and smarter or have more contacts then you get more sponsorship. And it is also up to the sponsors who they want to sponsor. That is their right too.

Perhaps there were grounds for objection in the way it was presented but in the main I saw nothing wrong.

But I think we always had an unspoken understanding among the parents of National Juniors. Whatever it is we let the boys/girls fight it out on the table without intervention from "political" forces. Fair and healthy competition.

Has FGM's training for the Asean Juniors and the Thematics offended you in anyway? Or could it be my spoutings of competitor analysis? I am curious. What could it be that has caused you offence?

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