Saturday, July 23, 2011

What did we learn from the selection criteria?

Do you remember? There was a big call on the blogs by respected bloggers. Do you also remember what Jimmy's allies were also doing at that time? We wanted a written selection criteria and they didn't. And they were saying MCF this and MCF that. But what happened? We got it right?

There is a lesson here. MCF does listen. Maybe not at the timing that we want or all that we want but they do listen if we bring our case to them in a reasonable manner. Now they are again saying that MCF wont act. MCF this and MCF that.

Don't listen to them. If you are fed up of Peter Long playing God, if you are fed up of the lies and slander by Jimmy and friends then tell the MCF officials you see or you know this. But be patient. Let us get the proof and then let us present it properly.

Oh and yes Jimmy, about your point on ego. Why do you jump to the conclusion that I am trying to drag Marina into my "personal crusade"? Do you really think you are that important? Aren't you getting a little paranoid here? You are losing it man, try to get a handle k? I am just talking to old friends that I haven't met in over 10 years k.

Now that I have reported what I am doing to you, do I have your permission to carry on?

Hmmmmm, but then I could be couldn't I? Sorry, on second thoughts maybe you should be paranoid. Guilty conscience does that you know. Too many lies. The smart ones have spread their lies in the dark. But you chose to be visible. Wonder why you did that?

But then again don't worry too much k, I don't stab people in the dark. That is your style.

ps: In reply to your last 2 postings; then I have to call it a day and start working on my project as well as my official complaint about you k.

First thing is that the very first written selection was posted by FGM from an email privately written to us. Go back and check the history. This has even been acknowledged by Greg.

And of course I know it is not just you. Just the few people like you. Why are you twisting so desperately? Cant you read? It's been repeated enough times. :)

It is about the issues. You represent lies and slander. And your lies have affected FGM and our sponsors. And so you must be held accountable. I am sure you can defend the postings you propagate yes?

You did say you are going to unmask me right? That's the important part isnt it? Are you going to try and twist out of that too? The point you dont seem able to grasp is that we need the proper authorities to make rulings. Otherwise its just coffee shop talk. You say this and I say that.

Havent you already wasted enough of your time on this? I have.

Honestly I hope they take away your IM title. You have badly misused that title. The recent incident with one of our youths have convinced me of that.

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