Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pure speculation.

Amazing back pedal and further twisting. Now see the convoluted reasoning here.

Jimmy and friends really think we are all stupid. So just to speculate a little here. What do you think are their motives? And why do most of them hide? In competitor analysis we not only have to learn their methods but also the why's ie the motive behind the actions. Then we begin to understand. Since I can't open up Jimmy's brain and see inside, let us speculate here.

Why would Jimmy go to such lengths as to conjure up so many anonymous sites with so many different names with the express purpose of attacking FGM? Why would they need to attack one young boy who has just turned 18yo.

Jimmy has said I am a nobody. Yet he spends his free time learning how to do a video. A good one too. For your entertainment here it is again. Here. Between the video making, coordination of his anonymous bloggers as well as comments on the shout boxes, does he have a life left??

I got my first clue when Mark was Champion at MSSPK the first time he entered. I was new to chess so I didn't know many things. This was in 2005. Suddenly I noticed that a few people were very angry. I couldn't even get his Champions cert until I finally went to Unit Sukan after chasing around for 6 months. From 2005 till 2009, almost every trick under the sun was thrown at this young boy and still he managed to stay in the Perak team for 5 consecutive years. Finally emerging as U18 Champion in Perak again in 2009. An almost unheard of achievement. In 2010 he made the National squad.

To answer your question Jimmy and to ask you a few of my own. We made it to the National squad despite the odds. Yes I know Marina and family and yes I know the Perak Royal family. We have been friends for many years. And yes I am talking to them now. I have fought our battles and our achievements are our own and we got to where we are without any help. Can you say the same? So you can speculate why I am talking to them only now. Question: Anyway what concern is it of yours when old friends talk to each other? What are you so afraid of that I will say? You stand behind your truth right?

There has been no truth to any of the lies and slander that Jimmy and friends have been spreading. But they tried hard. Why?

Could it be because a boy from "backward" Perak with a non playing father has got to National number 2 in not only the U18 but the U20 as well? And this boy's father spouts strange mumblings like mental strength, fighting spirit and a even stranger term called competitor analysis.

And this boy didn't get any training from the established technical "wisdoms" in Malaysia apart from a little training from Ziaur Rahman during Asean in 2010. It is now known that this boy has begun new classes with a GM. So I speculate that Jimmy and friends are afraid. Afraid of this one boy from a "nobody" father.

And since they cannot knock this boy or his father out with all their tried and tested dirty methods; they invent lies and slander, they now try to ban him from competitions. Luckily not all are like Jimmy and friends. Or Malaysia will have no hope of progressing.

Incidentally Jimmy, I did not directly equate your actions to Peter's. Surprisingly I surmised that from his non answer to my emails all by myself. Plus also some phone calls to MCF officials to follow up on this case since June. Hate to disappoint you here.

But then I am just speculating here. Healthy competition Jimmy. Learn to play chess and we'll meet you and your friends across the table. No more dirty tricks. If you have the confidence that is. Lies are the cowards way out. Learn to face the truth.

ps: Another question Jimmy. Why do you need so "many" anonymous bloggers/commentators to defend your stance? Doesn't it get confusing? Isn't there too many funny pseudonyms to remember? Why don't you just play chess and let us see how strong you really are? Take a break. Have a kit kat. Play chess. Just a passing thought.

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