Monday, July 11, 2011

The power of a parents love for their child.

I didnt go to Bersih; I dont like the idea of being locked up or bashed up. But I can identify a little with Marina here. When we see our child abused and unfairly treated we need to do something. I tried reasoning and appealing to their sense of fairness till I was blue in the face. Then I saw it was not only about my child, it was about any strong player that may upset their plans. And then I saw strong players being knocked down one by one. And not in chess but by the use of dirty tricks. So it became a question of not who can build a stronger player but how I can sabotage his player so that my weak one can win. The glass ceiling story.

Finally I was attacked; no matter what I contributed. They belittle my small contribution, try to hide it and they inflate their small to almost negligible ones, if any at all.

In fact in the main I believe they destroy more than they build. So its a negative sum.

Read this about Marina. Here.

I felt much the same way when I said enough is enough.


  1. How shameless can you be? You try to associate Marina's article with your own selfish goals. Also Najib Wahab's arbitering experience you turned into your own ratings. You mean your objectives cannot stand own their own without leaning on others?

  2. I do have Marina's permission to use her articles. What is your problem about me writing in my own blog?

  3. I'm sure you do.

    My problem is when you link something which have nothing to do with the current post.

  4. Then you have a problem. My suggestion is that you state your objections on your own blog and in your own name. Hiding behind anonymous people does not increase your credibility. Neither does hiding behind coerced emails from a young junior to attack.

  5. To be honest, I am a neutral commentator. I was trying to check the results from recent tourneys and I noticed a lot of comments by the two of you on your respective blogs. What I fail to understand is two grown men arguing like kids in public domain. It is extremely shameful. Why don't the both of you sort out your differences like men over a cup of coffee or something? Please stop the drama and let focus be put where it is supposed to be - chess. Now, the reason I am posting as an Anonymous is because I don't want to start further controversy.

  6. I suggest that neutrality is insufficient. I think we are either a part of the solution or a part of the problem.