Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jimmy's opinion on organisers rights.

Ref: Here.

I am glad Jimmy is surfacing more and more and not hiding behind anonymous bloggers. This is good. His stance is open and now we can evaluate. My point is what does my disagreements with Peter have to do with Mark's eligibility as a National Junior to play in any local tournament? He has never infringed on any rules.

My issue with Peter was over my rebuke during the Mal/Sing event. Peter wanted to change the announced incentives given to the players on the first day. Yes, Dato Santara was the sponsor and yes also that he has rights as to how he wants to disburse the incentive. But this should have been done before the announcement on the first day. Peter should have aired his displeasure with MCF officials behind the scene. And not on the second day when we were fighting to make a come back. And not during the briefing to players on the second day. Ref: Here.

What does this issue imply? If a parent, manager, coach, trainer disagree with any organiser, then this means that their player can be victimised. This is a bad culture. We saw this in PICA and the ill effects on the State. I dont think this is the culture we want on a National scale. By and large tournaments are getting better managed today. So the KL Open is a throw back to the bad old days.

Trouble maker is also a question of perspective. Some may say that it is Jimmy and Peter who are the trouble makers. So should they be banned from tournaments? There may be justifiable grounds. I think the propagation of lies and slander is a serious offence. I think abuse of power and arbitrary sackings are serious matters. So who should have a say in this matter so it is not subjectively decided?

I think this is an MCF matter and they should look into this and refer back to their objectives in their constitution. There is article 4(b) to consider too. Ref: Here.

Note: I have raised this issue not because we want to play in KL Open. I have raised this case as a matter of principle. As a matter of right and wrong. Players and parents have rights too. It cannot be left to the fancy of organisers or we will have mayhem. I ban your players because I do not like you or your parent or your trainer. And you do the same. Crazy thinking.

Our players need to be protected from dirty politics. Their job is to play their hearts out and bring back honour to Malaysia. And not to be held at the mercy of arbitrary "rules".

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