Saturday, July 16, 2011

Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

Yesterday I had an animated discussion about taking away the place of a deserving player. We also talked about why written selection criteria and why proper guidelines for Organisers is important. These are the tangible manifestation of recognition so nobody can play God.

But there are also the intangibles. Giving due recognition for work well done. Respecting the contributions of others.

Sabotage is in fact stealing from others. Asking for boycotts of events without grounds, trying to steal the contacts of others etc.

I had another conversation with someone in the Malaysian Chess scene yesterday and another one with a Singaporean the night before. The conclusions both reached is that the Malaysian chess scene is mired by sabotage. So the good people eventually leave.

Actually that is what they want. They want those that can contribute to leave so they can continue to rule chess in their image. This is our history. Can this be changed? If there is no change can we progress? So think on this. Stick to the issues. Support the ones that take us forward. We need the good ones to stay.

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