Sunday, July 3, 2011

Unrealistic Expectations.

Every time our Juniors go out to play in International Tournaments, we have a few ring side commentators on our blogs. They will vilify our players. Why so few medals? Beating Singapore? Don't dream....and when we do.....its no big deal, just fluke etc etc.

Why is this wrong? They play Judge and Jury. Walk a mile in the players shoes? The question that is avoided is do they have the correct training to get those medals? How big is the gap and how can we close it? AND, how long will it take for us to get there given our current projections? We don't have any of that, do we? But yet we still demand medals.

And then we hammer them if they don't give it to us. That is unrealistic expectations.

I can only imagine what the Seniors could have gone through in our earlier history. Is it a wonder they are where they are now?

Note: I personally think those anonymous and not so anonymous bloggers and commentators are a very few in numbers. But they are so vocal, so belligerent and intimidating that they pervade our entire chess atmosphere simply because they appear everywhere.

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