Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why is the current National U18 and U20 number 2 banned from KL Open?

Ref: Here.

Are there any justifiable grounds? Why are you afraid to answer the emails that I sent to you on the the 18th and 21st of June and reminded on the 3rd, 14th and 19th of July, Peter?

Why are you banning a Perak player from this event? Is the Patron of KL Masters/Open, the Regent of Perak aware of this ban?

For your information, Mark, Munirah and Puteri were the first 3 players from Perak to represent Malaysia in over 10 years. And that is only because we fought for the recognition and support of NAG during my time in PICA. And Mark is currently the only Perakian in the National Squad. And he is the only one that has made it 2 years running.

So what is your reason Peter? Please refer to your own comment in Jimmy's blog and then answer that question. Thank you for your time.

Note: We are not asking for free entry. We applied to be given information on the fees and banking details.


  1. Perhaps u can email to attempt registration first and show that email? Otherwise, I don't think he has specifically referred to Mark. Implication is only circumstantial evidence at best.

  2. I have done that on the days that I mentioned on the post. I have also copied all the emails to Greg. So there is a record. I dont think it's necessary for me to post all the emails on this blog. I think the point of this exercise as was emailed me by a parent of another National Junior is to have some responsibility and accountability by MCF's officials. They have come through before on the selection criteria. So I remain hopeful that they will take action on this case as well. Lets give MCF a chance to act.

  3. I think sufficient notice has been given since the application was dated 18th June. And multiple reminders sent. Peter also cannot say he is unaware of the case as he is seen posting on Jimmy's blog yesterday. So I dont think he can say he is unaware of this issue. But he may try. So lets see.