Saturday, July 23, 2011

Trouble Makers unmasked.

I think it is time to identify who the real the trouble makers are and time action is taken.

Every thing that has been mentioned on this blog has been twisted by Jimmy and friends and the reputation of FGM and its sponsors have been sullied. From the mention of "parents heartache" over hearing about the incidences at the last Olympiad, FGM's training of the National Juniors to Asean etc, Jimmy and friends have spread lies and slander.

Jimmy has always hid behind anonymous bloggers and pretending to be impartial. But he has now revealed himself for who he truly is. Ref: Here.

He has now declared that he wants to unmask me. That is fine with me. I have nothing to hide. I invite the readers here to find one article from all my postings where I have unjustifiably brought up an incident. Have a look and see if I have sullied anyone's reputation or have I raised questions and asked for investigation by rightful authorities into funny going ons? Jimmy's post now tells us that he is not impartial but has in fact been orchestrating the attacks on FGM and its sponsors. Every accusation by him has been answered. I have published our letter to Air Asia, published the accounts etc.etc.etc. and yet there has not been any retraction or apology.

That post by Jimmy is a big mistake. Now we can tie him and his intentions directly to the attacks. FGM will now issue a formal complaint to MCF as well as FIDE.

As this post suggests in the comments, ref: here, attacks against organisers and sponsors is viewed seriously. I also submit that he has sullied the International Master title that he carries and he is a disgrace to our chess community.

Deliberate lies, distortions and slander cannot be allowed to continue without challenge.

As for the KL Open case with Peter Long, I see he has been following the debate on Jimmy's site. Ref: Here. On Jimmy's shout box, it has been suggested that Mark is the only case. I dont think so. It has been reported to me by a couple of Juniors that Peter does this habitually. He bans the Juniors from playing at his tournaments when they leave his chess school etc. So its the use of intimidation. You cannot even freely choose who you want as your trainer. I have also heard that he banned Wesley Soh's father from a tournament in the Philippines. And that may be just the tip of the iceberg. I have heard so many negative things about him from organisers in the Phillipines, Singapore and Sri Langka. I will be writing in to them to gather information to again lodge complaints with MCF and FIDE.

I invite any one who is reading this post to write in to me if you have ever experienced any unfair treatment by Peter Long. I will compile all the evidence together and submit it to the relevant authorities.

These bullies need to be disciplined. It has been going on for too long. The authorities need to act for the betterment of Chess.

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