Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Malaysian Masters and what we need to look out for.

Looks like it is on. Here.

There seems to be a good mix of players which perhaps represent the strongest players we have in Malaysia.

But I think MCF needs to be wary of one thing. It is not merely talent that we need. We need talent AND a strong fighting spirit.

So our NC was a problem that we should have looked into. Ref: Here. If there were strong suspicions of match fixing and we don't do anything about it, then we are only going to raise another crop of kangkung players over time.

I think we will soon have another opportunity to see how this works in the coming KL Open. There is a reason for the strong collusion between Jimmy, Peter and Eddy. And they will all be represented there.

I have experienced and seen with my own eyes what happens when they attack and break our Juniors to make them into mirrors of themselves. They don't want strong chess players. They want players they can control. And that is the problem.

Because those players are going to end up playing for Malaysia. We can all sit here and just watch and slowly wait till the poison finally works itself in and they all become so scared that there will be no difference between them and Jimmy, Peter or Eddy. Ref: Here. One is a 2000 IM, the other too afraid to play and the last one a 1300 loud/foul mouth.

These people will never produce strong players. Peter can try all he wants to control the tournaments in the region but we will never have a player we can be proud of this way.

So my point is this. We have both types now on the National squad. Those that have been broken by Jimmy, Peter and Eddy in concert and those that have not been broken and may become somebody worthwhile one day.

What MCF needs to be very aware of is how to protect those that will not agree to match fixing and willing to rise or fall purely on their chess skills alone. For it is those players that will eventually make us proud. If MCF is not careful the kangkung culture can infect the new crop of Malaysian players that are so far untainted or relatively untainted.

My 2 cents.

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