Sunday, April 27, 2014

Malaysian Masters final results with comments.

Ref: Here.

I am wondering if anyone thinks the results are fair?

This is my view. The fixing has just gotten more sophisticated. In the past it was just pure intimidation by Jimmy and friends with the collusion of certain MCF officials.

So historically, they attack any training for the Juniors. They will attack the Juniors directly too as was seen with Sumant and Zhuo Ren when they trained for SEA games 2010. At the State level they manipulate the pairings to enable points to be passed as tag team players in individual events. They also do things like not give any incentive to Mark like they do all the players who have achieved the criteria set by the State Association in National tournaments. So in the past it was intimidation or non recognition to try to demotivate you.

But from this National Close, they now seem to close a blind eye to cheating when it is done to certain players. And then they change the criteria again till they get the players they want. And this is very very very unfair and will come to a no good end.

Let me explain further. The Olympiads is an Open team tournament. That means it is not a closed tournament like the Malaysian Masters where you can do special preparation. What does this mean? This means it is very difficult to prepare for your opponents at the Olympiads and so the first masters tournament is the best selection criteria as it simulates actual conditions at the Olympiads. But they now have 2 attempts to get Fadzil's games to knock him out (From NC and then from the first Masters tournament). Yit San will not have this condition at the Olympiads. He cannot lose there and then ask for a replay till he wins.

He did not make the cut and so he should not have a second chance with additional help. (I strongly believe that his weakness of being unable to win in open tournaments without all the "extra help" will show up at the Olympiads).

I maintain that the team should be the top 4 (including Fadzil) and Yee Weng. That would be our best team. Anything else is manipulation pure and simple.

I hope you can see from this why we need to get Jimmy, Peter and Eddy out of the system as well as the MCF officials backing their agenda to put in players that they want and not the players that are the most deserving from Malaysia.

How much damage have these people done to Malaysian chess over these past few years that we have been following together. I hope you can see clearly now that these people are the main reason why Malaysian chess is at the level it is.

They do not recognise hard work, training and chess skills. All they know is how to put in the people they want by changing the goal post and fixing. And this is bad. Very bad.

Special note: There is also an information disparity. Only the cronies have access to all the players games. Both Fadzil, Mark etc etc have no access to their games whereas they can prepare for us since MCF will give the cronies our games. But still we fight with one hand tied behind our backs. And even this advantage is not enough for them it seems. And these are the players that are going to fight for Malaysian honours??!!!

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