Friday, April 4, 2014

The playbook.

Have you worked out what the roles of Jimmy, Peter and Eddy are yet?

This is my postulate.

Peter is the deal maker and he controls the tournament by limiting entries to only those that play ball or are not a threat to the show he wants to put on. (Do you remember some of the suspect tournaments he has held before?)

So what could possibly be Jimmy's role? Afterall he only plays around 2000 level. Maybe he is the point carrier. He could be able to offload a point or even two if he doesn't get knocked out too early. Has he ever played this role before? Check out the past Malaysian Opens as well as past National Close.

And Eddy? He has a horse in the race. Not a very strong one relative to the field but a horse nevertheless.

So is there a problem with this picture and with this collusion?

This is what I am also wondering. What about Li Tian? I think it will be quite a complicated affair to manage. I think it will depend on the strength of their teamwork and depth of mutual understanding. And so we will also see something about the age old adage of if there is any honour among thieves, I suppose.

But really, who are the beneficiaries? Would it be Malaysia or for a "chess university"?

Lets not speculate anymore since the hunger games is about to begin and we can see for ourselves. Do follow all the action. Here.

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