Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Comments of updates (in red) on Jimmy's spin.

Ref: Here.

The exclusion of Nicholas was already a foregone conclusion. This has happened in the last Olympiad as well and have been reported here. So this should come as no surprise to Jimmy.

Jimmy, the fact is you have had a hand in all of these manipulations. So don't even try to wash your hands of this and shift the blame. I hope Nicholas makes a report. There is COS as well. My point is that without a protest from the affected players themselves then this will continue.

And in a full investigation I am very confident that Jimmy will be identified as a co-conspirator in the attempt to fix the Malaysian team. I would love to be a witness and help to direct to where the evidence can be gotten to put these guys away for good.

Additional note: The number of players that would attend the Masters was already known during National Close itself. Go back to my posts just after National Close. So Jimmy is talking rubbish and trying to cover his tracks. Check the timeline of events.

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