Thursday, April 10, 2014

KL Open R8 results and some comments.


You really don't need a crystal ball to see what Jimmy and Peter are doing to our Junior players. And it is so easy to sucker desperate parents of around 1300 level or lower into falling for their traps.

I can very well see why they needed to remove Mark from the tournament even after guaranteeing him a place. Even after receiving his entrance fee and then having to return it.

You saw what happened when we got a GM to train our Juniors. You saw what happened to the junior players who trained for SEA games selection. And you saw what happened to the one junior player that succeeded in winning his place in the senior squad. The first Junior who did it via selection.

Do you really really really need more evidence before you can act on this? These 2 are the most toxic and destructive people in Malaysian chess. Anyone that goes near them is severely damaged. But lets give Eddy a special mention here too. He has been trying to do the same to Mark in Perak for years. So maybe that makes 3 toxic people in total. Hmmmmm, maybe more.

Read this again. Here.

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