Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It is quite apparent MCF.

It is quite apparent that the methods of Jimmy, Peter and Eddy will not produce any strong players for Malaysia. Just look at them. One cannot play strong chess anymore and is full of excuses, the other is too afraid to play anymore and just throw abuses from the sideline and the last fella plays at 1300 level but talks like a loud mouthed GM.

What do they really know? How to match fix? They are fear ridden people hoping to make all our players into their image.

What has happened to our last crop of Juniors under their onslaught of intimidation etc? Can you not see the trend of them becoming just like those 3 above over time? What has the last few tournaments shown of their progress under the influence of those 3? What happened to those "strong" juniors at KL Open? Here.

Let me try to use an analogy here.

When a Country/Company is intent on progressing they want their human resources courageous, able to ask sensible questions and think. This is so that the Country/Company can compete.

On the other hand, if the Country/Company is just intent on fleecing then they want their human capital frightened and afraid to ask questions. For obvious reasons.

Simple enough an analogy. Do you agree?

So which type are you MCF? Which type will produce the strong players?

I think you need to decide if you are willing to protect the few potential strong players you have left after the work of Jimmy, Peter and Eddy (with some hidden help from among MCF itself) or if you want them to complete the job of wiping out any strong players we have left.

If you do nothing, in 30 years time we will still be where we are today. Look carefully at those 3. Can you see our players future in them? Will they be able to bring their methods into the International arena? And even if Peter succeeds will we be proud of those players?

Think on this and then change yourself into an organisation that will build our players up rather than protect those that are taking us to Timbuktu for another round.

Over to you. Your move.

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