Thursday, April 3, 2014

Too shortsighted.

The playbook of Jimmy, Peter and Eddy are just too shortsighted. The name of the game is to raise your game. Not to sabotage all the strong players in Malaysia just so you can promote only your own crony players. For if they accept the shortcuts, they will be of no use in a tough competitive environment overseas for they will have no practice in overcoming their fears by competing here and raising their game first.

This way they will continue to come back from representing Malaysia with a whole bag of their usual excuses as we have seen from the last 2 Olympiads. Then they will only dare to play in tournaments outside of public viewing. Didn't we see that this was what happened to our last crop of senior players?

And then they end up delusional and start dreaming that they are Ferrari's. Then they start to write anonymous notes to themselves telling themselves how great they are. Or they stop playing and just abuse others. Or they become 1300 loud mouth and practised liar. Go and see Eddy's performance at Penang Open last year. Here.

That is what happens when you become scared of competition and only know ways to match fix using our Associations etc.

Is that what we really want MCF? Or do we want players that can hold their heads up high and fight for our honour and Country by playing strong and clean chess by the rules?

We need to make this decision before we can move Malaysian chess forward. Or we will just be doing the same thing we have been doing for the last 30 years and expecting different results.

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