Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Where were our first clues in the making of kangkung players?

Where were our first clues that there is a program to make our players into kangkungs?

Do you remember when First GM organised the first training by a GM for our players going to Asean? Do you remember what happened? Did Jimmy not launch an attack of the training via his blog by the use of multiple anonymous sites? What could be his motive for not wanting our players to train under a GM before they go out to represent the Country? Would he have been able to teach our players better? Did he even want to help the players at all?

Or was it his agenda to stop anyone else from progressing that was not part of his crony group?

And the next clue? What happened when Zhuo Ren and Sumant trained at my house to prepare for the first SEA games that was open to selection? Were they not attacked until they made public apologies via the blogs? Did you not see the statements on his blog that told the Juniors to wait their turn or make enemies?

What was so wrong about training for a selection that invites this type of attacks? That invites bannings. Is it for the good of Malaysian chess or was it to promote one player at that time. If that player, Yeoh Li Tian is that good then he would have blown all opposition apart wouldn't he? Or can he be good only if nobody dares to train and compete with him or be attacked?

But where is Li Tian now? Look carefully at his run at KL Open. But more seriously what has happened to all the players that tried to train and compete?

Why aren't they mounting a fight at KL Open?

So really, who are those players at the KL Open? Are they our strongest players or are they the back door boys who can only progress after Jimmy, Peter and Eddy have knocked out all their competition?

We need to be clear on this for the sake of Malaysian chess.

And MCF, how much more evidence do you need before you try to help the players who dare to train and dare to compete?

Note: I submit that Malaysia will never produce strong players under the culture promoted by Jimmy, Peter and Eddy. And they may even have helpers within MCF.

And then you will continue to see Peter laughing at our players. Why? Because he has managed to destroy them. Don't let this happen to Malaysian chess.

Our current options are to join them and become kangkungs who cannot compete without the fixers or not join them and be attacked and banned. Those options are not good enough for our players. We need to be able to train and to compete without interference from those people before we can get our First GM.

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