Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Jimmy Liew leads the Malaysian field.


I was wondering what would be the outcome of the Jimmy versus Yit Ho game last round. So Jimmy won. But let us ask a question at this point. Do you remember the last Malaysian Masters? Jimmy lost to every single Junior who was there and came out dead last. Now he is leading the field. Is something wrong with the picture?

Let us consider this. I have presented this case many times before but I hope this time more people will be able to see my reasoning. The Juniors should be improving at a much faster rate. Last year every single one of them without exception wacked the daylights out of Jimmy. And today they flounder and seem lost.


I have postulated that the only thing that can hinder our Juniors is the injection of fear. And fear is easily injected by someone you trust. Does that make sense? Fear cannot easily enter if you don't allow it to enter. But when you trust somebody who does not deserve your trust you allow them in. You allow the poison in. You allow the free points thinking it is a gift. You allow the match fixing thinking they are helping you. And the poison gets in.

And that crop of Juniors is then wiped out.

Are you seeing the picture now? Do you now understand why we would never deal with them? It is poison pure and simple. They do not have your interest at heart. They do not care about Malaysian chess. They are the poison we need to remove before Malaysian chess can take it's rightful place on the world stage.

And how they laugh and make fun of our players when they do succeed in implanting the fears. So how long more are you going to just sit there and allow them to continue this nonsense?

Do you trust your own judgement? Do you believe the evidence presented in front of your eyes? If you don't, if you lack the courage to see clearly, then chess is not serving you well. For chess is about courage, the ability to evaluate without fear or favour. And that is followed by the ability to respond with your move.

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