Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Malaysian Masters and some comments.

Ref: Here.

First off let me congratulate Fadzil for making the squad. To me he is one of our true fighters. He got in from the front door and truly worthy of respect.

You guys know who the back door artists are. It is very transparent. Were you able to guess that after all that twisting and turning that Li Tian would get to play? It was quite obvious yes?

While I still wish the back door boys well when they play for Malaysia, I cannot say that I believe that they will become strong and win us honours. They just haven't paid the price. As I have said before, I believe they will go the same way as Jimmy, Peter and finally Eddy in the end. They are on the same road and that road leads to kangkung land as it's final destination. We have had 30 years to see where that road leads to.

It's that simple.

Meanwhile I wish the players there a clean fight and may best the best players win.

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