Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The "unofficial" "official" reply from MCF.

Ref: Here.

As I said twisting and turning. One official announcement and then a quiet one by Haslinda and then another quiet one by Tse Pin. Was that deliberate? You decide.

The Olympiad is the biggest event on the Malaysian chess calender. All events lead to that. So we can have clarity for all the events leading to but not for the big one?

Of course we know that Jimmy is not official but has not evidence shown that he has access to information and games from the officials? Did he not put up many of Mark's games to try to put him down in public? How did he get those games if he is not in collusion with some people in MCF?

So he must think we are all stupid.

And what kind of argument is this? Principled in one decision, unprincipled in the next and then principled again. In Malay they call this pusing pusing or main main until they get the players they want.

And then an anonymous comment asking for Mas to play to make up the racial composition.

Why should anybody accept your so called charity when they have won by right? Fadzil won. Why invite Mas? Do you think all chess players are beggars like you? 

We win, we play. We meet the criteria set by the Association for incentives, we get the incentives. Real chess players do not beg. Just because you have lost your dignity years ago Jimmy, do not think for one moment that all of us are like you.

So you can simpan.

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