Sunday, April 27, 2014

What did they take from Fadzil Nayan?

Earlier this year as we were playing at a tournament in Perak to prepare for this year's National Close, Fadzil spoke to Mark and explained how the scholarship system works. Without that understanding it would have been hard for me to explain to the University authorities and get a scholarship for Mark.

Basically he told us that the Higher Education Ministry awards a stipend based on results from SUKIPT as well the Olympiads. Fadzil won the gold for SUKIPT and he was gunning for the higher stipend for representing Malaysia from the Olympiads.

So what are your thoughts on this matter? Did Fadzil deserve a fair shake? They already have our games. And still they cannot win without "extra help"?.

Does the selection committee care about the players hopes and dreams? About all the hard work that went into the game or do they have a separate agenda besides wanting what is best for Malaysia?

This morning somebody PMed me and said to lodge a police report with him. But I said no simply because it would be hard to explain how the fixing is done. Many tournament players themselves don't really understand how they can be cheated right in front of their eyes.

Furthermore, there is also this question. Lets use an analogy here. Say my neighbour's house was robbed. Is it the responsibility of my neighbour or me to lodge the police report? I can give a witness account if I saw anything but my neighbour should report the robbery yes?

And was this not daylight robbery?

I stand here today to say that I will act as a witness if asked but Fadzil must report the crime himself.

And I hope he does. These people have taken too many liberties from us in the past. Right now I can honestly say I wouldn't mind seeing some of them in prison. Enough is enough. This must stop for the sake of all our future players. For the sake of Malaysian chess. For the sake of Malaysia.

Let's hold those people accountable.

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