Saturday, April 19, 2014

I wonder what X-files is all about.

Ref: Here.

A few months back an MCF Official called me and asked me for my view of the current Fide contest for the Presidency. And I said this to him. The contest should be seen as the contest for the post of Secretary-General of Fide. The President is usually far removed from the day to day running.

And so I told him about my meeting with Ignatius Leong last year in Singapore when I was concerned that Peter may be trying to control certain tournaments in this region. I told Ignatius of my concerns and asked if it was possible for Fide to monitor the situation and do the necessary correction if they can get solid evidence to confirm my suspicions. I left that meeting with Ignatius believing that he would not help to facilitate an investigation.

So my opinion given to that MCF Official was that it may be an idea to support Abundo for Secretary-General. I don't really know Abundo that well but from what I can see, I think he could be a straight shooter. Anyway what have we to lose by giving him a chance?

Peter's sudden strong support of Ignatius further deepen my suspicions. After attacking Ignatius for years he suddenly does an about turn. And don't you find that the writer of that letter purportedly signed by 10 Federations suspiciously like the anonymous bloggers that appeared in Jimmy's blog once?

Therefore I find no credibility for Ignatius when he has Peter's strong support. The opposite in fact.

My point is this. If we really want to raise our standard in chess, we need to do it by raising our game. Not by trying to fix tournaments and trying to make our weak players appear strong.

That would be the wrong way for our region to go.

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