Monday, March 24, 2014

Why the need to over defend?

Ref: Here and here.

If you have the time do read all the other recent posts from them. It is quite revealing.

Now let us recap a little before I reveal a little more. All I said was that if there are suspicions that there was cheating at the National Close then it is an idea to have that playoff at the Masters. Here. Particularly since it is in danger of being cancelled because of insufficient players. That was all.

But the response was the above. All those accusations from Jimmy, Peter and Eddy Fong are not new. The funny thing is that they don't realise that the players talk to each other. We are all connected on FB now. Facts can be checked in the blink of an eye. And many players were present in all the events mentioned. But just for the record from my side, Eddy never taught Mark or me anything about chess. In fact the match fixing got worse in Perak from the time he arrived.

Anyway back to the story. What was my point? Did I ever say that Mark was stronger than Yit San or Li Tian today? Go back to my evaluation on the National Junior. Here. In fact I said that Yit San is probably stronger than Li Tian and we are just trying to play catch up after Mark's STPM. So why the need to over defend? What is so frightening about a clean selection?

Actually I thought realistically we had chances for top 3 but not Champ and so we planned our strategy accordingly. If the National Close was held in May/June as per past practice then we would have had better chances. But March was a little too early and we had to cut short our training as well as we couldn't get in any high level conditioning tournaments before NC. But still we went and fought as best as we could. And in healthy competition.

So now let me give you a little more information and you can judge for yourself if it is related or not.

1. We made enquiries for HD to which there were no replies from the organiser. We only requested for information. We did not register. So isn't it funny that Mark's name was on the starting list? And then paired with Paulo on top of it? Mark and Paulo training. Here.

2. I was informed by the Deputy Chair of Selection at NC that they checked with Eddy Fong, who the official players for Perak should be and if he had any objections since Mark was second at Perak Close and qualifies on merit. Now Eddy is not in the State Association but he seems to be "consulted". Curious isn't it?

3. The money I paid for Mark to enter KL Open was returned to us by the Dep. President of KLCA at NC.

So all of these could just be coincidences. Or it could be circumstantial evidence of a collusion taking place. Here.

But there is a flip side as well isn't there? If they are so scared of us that all these things need to be done to try and stop us, then doesn't it also tell us that we must be heading in the right direction? Otherwise why are they so afraid of a "weak" player?

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