Thursday, April 17, 2014

You cannot try to break the fighting spirit of the players and expect them to be strong.

You cannot try to break the fighting spirit of the players and then expect them to be strong. You cannot allow them to progress via back doors and match fixing and then expect them to be strong. That just doesn't work.

Chess is a mental sport where you need courage to go for the win. You need an unfailingly questioning mind to find solutions. You need to develop the correct thinking methodologies and you need discipline. Then you need a strong sense self confidence that can only come from having surmounted many trials and tribulations without cheating.

I wonder why MCF cannot see this. They allow people like Jimmy, Peter and Eddy to hammer the players who refuse to take the back doors by spreading lies and slander and welcome only those that have been beaten down and broken till they too make public statement of lies.

Only when they become a clone/crony will they be allowed to play for Malaysia. Otherwise they will be fixed.

And then they need all these promotional tools to try to make those weak players seem strong.

So let me ask you a question MCF?

Isn't it better to stop the back doors and develop real players than be trapped forevermore in trying to fix tournaments to make weak players seem strong?

Doesn't that save a lot of energy in the end? All that energy that is now used to try to hoodwink people could have been channeled into developing real players.

And you know what. If you do it this way, you too, every single one of your officials can stand tall and shine and bask in the good work that you have done. The Malaysian chess community would be proud of you. I would want to have my picture taken next to you. The real sponsors will want to be associated with a winning team.

Isn't that much better than what you are doing now? Hiding and twisting in the dark. Just wondering. Why do you insist on torturing yourselves this way. Don't you have the courage to stand up to the bullies? Don't you have the self confidence to stop being a bully?

You want our players to fight in International tournaments with rules and win. But what is the example you are setting for them? How are you moulding them?

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