Saturday, April 26, 2014

Malaysian Masters Winners with comments.


Congratulations to the winners. It does look like all the extra tournament exposure that Li Tian had gotten over the rights of others for years is finally paying off. I do hope that this will be the end of his back door days and he will strive to only claim what he is entitled to get from this point onwards.

He had a hand up. But that is water under the bridge now, I hope. Surely he won't need any further advantage and those behind him (by twisting selection criteria etc) will finally allow for a level playing field. Let him fight for his own place now. If you still keep opening doors for him without him deserving it, it will only weaken him in the end. Then he will end up like Jimmy, Peter and Eddy.

I think the results is quite representative of the players current skills.

ps: Btw, I think Fadzil has proven himself in this tournament. So he should qualify for the Olympiads too. Please understand that Fadzil did this run with no help from anyone and achieved this result based purely on his chess skills. So he is very deserving and will be an asset to the Malaysian team.

If there is to be another playoff then let it be the last 2 against Yee Weng. Clearly there is something those last 2 players have yet to understand about chess.

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