Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Are you able to see how kangkung players are made?

Ref: Here.

So what is the cost? Here.

What is the cost of winning on borrowed points? What is the cost of match fixing? What is the cost of attacking and sabotaging our strong players in order to promote cronies? They were strong players once yes?

But tournament by tournament they are becoming more and more like the past crop of kangkungs. So who is responsible for bringing Malaysian chess to this type of low.

This culture needs to be changed or there is no use crying for a GM. And the people who promote this type of culture needs to be stopped. And MCF has that power and authority. But what are they doing instead? Is somebody in MCF actually helping to foster this kangkung culture? We need answers and then we need action for change.

Or we will still be crying for a GM for the next 30 years.

Question. Why did they return the money to us for Mark to play at KL Open? Isn't that the perfect place for them to show that I am talking nonsense?

This is what you are supposed to learn from chess. Here. Can you tell me what is so frightening about what I wrote in 2009?

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