Friday, August 24, 2012

Astro Team event results.

Ref: Here.

Take a look at the fools again. They claim they are both Malaysian and State Team. Trying for both prizes. Are they really a State Team? Is that fair to the other States? I think the organisers should do something about this. Their non action will reflect badly on the sponsors. And Datmo has a full organising committee of luminaries.

And all these shananigans coming from the fool guy who talks so much about ethics. Doesn't that just make him a bald faced outright liar?

Note: Do check out Nicholas's performance against those that are going to the Olympiad.

ps: Incredible. They have just removed the detailed board results. Are they so afraid of us seeing how Jimmy fared at R5 onwards? Yes he is back after saying he wont be present. So there are 2 fools gone mad now. I hope you did well against the 1600 in R5, Jimmy. 

Or maybe they are just afraid to let Nicholas shine for us all to see. How much lower can you guys get?

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