Monday, August 27, 2012

Latest info on blatant lie.

I have been informed in a post by Yatz, that you can still retrieve the information by a circuitous route. The first step is by clicking on the final ranking after round 9, then click on the team that you want to see the details of. I won't send you to his link simply because it is full of foul languages.

Note: This round about way shows a format that is more difficult to see but it's possible if you are a little more conversant.

This still proves my point. The format that was published by Yatz is gone.

Chess is partially technical so information can be disguised in many ways. Actually Mark attended a Swiss Managers Course and even he was not aware of this. The question still remains, why keep changing the format till even those that have attended the course but have not practiced as a pairing arbiter cannot tell the difference? So how do you expect the general public to get a clear picture? Why the need to keep changing the format? From an easy to see format to this?

And since we are on the topic of pairing, Hamid made a boast to me at Datmo that he can fix Mark to meet Jimmy if he so desires. I told him I have no problems with that. In fact that would be welcomed if he can achieve it. I have some ideas to test and it will also be good to see if he can make good of his boast.

So I have been thinking about his methods of forced pairings on the first round as well as the way he enters unrated players. I have written earlier that there were an unrated player that was identified by a Malaysian player who said that the guy was actually a high rated player from India.

I know there are more experienced technical people reading this blog. Would appreciate if you can give me further information on this. Can this method be used to determine desired pairings? If Hamid can indeed make certain pairings appear, it will finally answer the few remaining questions in my mind.

I did find that Mok being paired against Li Tian in the last round of Datmo individual rapid slightly suspicious. 

So thank you Yatz. I can now continue with my analysis of the players performance. I am always open to learning new things. Maybe I can use this knowledge when I am reviewing the performance at the Olympiad.

ps: Thank you again Yatz. The picture is much clearer now. Very interesting results for those that want to see in detail what Jimmy means by the excellent performance of the juniors going to the Olympiad. Mok's results are also revealing. Here  if you want to check it out for yourself. Just follow the steps I mentioned above.

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