Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fide membership should come with responsibility.

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We would like to see Chess in the Olympics. So I think we should at least try to get in alignment with the Olympic mindset. Here is one opinion. Should we also be thinking along the same lines?

Right now I have been sent a file which purports to show how pairing can be manipulated. I probably won't understand it so I will wait for Mark to have a look. Shouldn't the big sponsors of Malaysian chess also do the same so that they don't risk having their reputation smeared in case manipulation happens at their tournaments? I am not accusing anyone. It's just good due diligence. Take a suspect event and do an audit.

Suggestion: Perhaps Fide can provide this facility for those with concerns for the reputation of their event. This will also ensure that the titles Fide award to arbiters will not be abused.

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