Saturday, August 25, 2012

The hottest topic at Datmo rapid.

From the moment I stepped into the Tournament hall at Cititel many parents came up to share with me. The old timers all know something of what is happening so it was just like old times of whisperings around the corridors. All agree that MCF is rotten to the core but many still have different ideas of what can be done to change things. So to an extent we are still divided on the "what to do" and the "how to do it". But much less than before. The key is information. And this blog remains the only place where real information on Malaysian chess is disseminated.

A significant change is that many strong players who have been victims of the back doors also shared information with me. All this is good. We are the overwhelming majority and we have no voice. We are the major investors in time and money. The parents put in big money and the strong players sacrifice their time and effort in training and improving their chess.

And the weaklings spend their time is making deals, PR campaigns and suspect games to get sent to the Olympiad without contest. 

This is normal. This has been happening for many many years. So what has caused this escalation in rabid attacks. Allow me to share what I think the major shift is. Among the power players there is now a majority consensus to remove the current President at the next AGM. So if the feedback is accurate it's game over at the next AGM. And that is why Greg has not called for the long overdue AGM and is now risking the suspension of MCF by COS. But even that by itself is of no major concern to the real power players. Presidents have come and gone and they still remain. The Presidents are just piggy banks for these guys so they don't have to do serious work.

I define serious work as development of our players. In Tournaments they are just making more money from us with of course extras from their sponsors. Admittedly they do that well.

An aside: My past experience in the Associations gives me some insights. Actually the Presidents of the Federations are quite powerless. Information is withheld from them. And there is just too much happening. I know from personal experience that even what Dato Tan wants and what gets executed are 2 very different things. I am fairly sure that Tan Sri Ramli is also not getting the full picture. That is why I send them all my posts. Every member of the committee and power player reads my blog.

Now you understand why those guys are working overtime to discredit me.

All they want from the Presidents are an endless source of money so they can continue to have the good life. Let me give you one example. The sponsor who brought in the money at the last Asian Amateur wanted to spend the substantial surplus on sponsoring the player who won the National Junior 2011. My sources tell me that the money was taken out against the wishes of the sponsor on the pretext of back pay to an official.

Yes. The major fight is now for the post of Secretary. The man with the power to make or break Presidents. To make the President look good or to heap all the blame on him. So it was quite an eye opener for me to hear them talk. For some perculiar reason they all seem to think I have a say in this. So they tell me they want this person or that person and who will destroy MCF if they remain in etc etc etc. Crazy.

No my friends. I am not interested in the personalities or seek any post. I want no part in your game of thrones and I have no influence outside of my blog and my writing. What I want is a change of culture. So that we have healthy competition and no more back doors. So that the money in MCF gets used for the right reasons instead of just enriching whoever the current Secretary is along with his cronies.

What I do not want is different names doing the same thing the same way.

I do not have the power to make the needed changes nor do I seek it. All I am hoping is that someone who does have the power will consider the information I provide here to make a difference. None of us wants to be lost for another 30 years or to see our Nation humiliated in the chess arena year after year.

Caveat: We all want change apart from those few who have been kind enough to reveal themselves finally. They used to knife you in the dark. Now they are desperate enough to show their hand. This is a good thing. They are finally making an open stand for status quo. So it can be seen as either extreme courage or sheer stupidity depending on your perspective.

Next: The post of Secretary. My experience with Greg.

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  1. Candidate Master Fadli - MCF President 2015 ??? akan bawa dana 1 juta ringgit untuk mcf tahun 2015? hehehe