Friday, August 24, 2012

Gang initiation.

Ref: Here.

If you are not one of us, you are one of them. I once talked about the fact that once a horse is broken, it can be ridden by many. Lee Kuan Yew put it another way sometime back. He said corruption is like prostitution. After the first time, it gets easier and easier.

The fact is that until R4, it was possible to view the results board by board. That means you can see who played with whom from within the team ie Board pairing. That was removed at R5 when the results were shown and with R6 pairing out.

Now it seems that the format has been changed back yet again. Why all these intrigues?

Why is it that these people take no offense when obvious lies are spread, when the entire selection has been hijacked by Jimmy and party but they jump up and down when the truth is written.

In the normal course of events, if I am lying then people will just stop believing in me over time. Simple cause and effect. The need to take action like the one in the link above and the new attacks on facebook by a known crony shows there is something more to this doesn't it?

You are now fully initiated Andrew. Take your pick for the name you want to be known as in the gang. Broken horse.....

ps: Apparently Jimmy didnt play at all and it was a keying in mistake by the arbiter.

pps: Andrew, I guess now that you are a fully fledged gang member, you have to bring in your own initiates to bring you closer to Jimmy's low level. Well done with Yatz. Ref: Here. Bravo.Your full colours are now all showing.

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