Sunday, August 26, 2012

The power of the Secretary of MCF.

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Superficially the power of the Secretary of MCF is all encompassing. In relative terms it is almost akin to the powers of a dictator.

It is within his power to stop unjustifiable banning of national players. Or Not. It is within his power to discipline those that spread lies on the internet just by issuing a warning. Or Not. It is within his power to have proper selection. Or Not. It is within his power to have a development program. Or Not. Etc. etc. etc. His powers are almost absolute.

So how did he come to this power? Simple. There are no guiding policies or rules in MCF. And this is taken maximum advantage of. They choose Presidents that have no clue of what is happening by witholding information or giving misinformation. This is fairly easy since there are technicalities involved and the issues can be very easily confused. The Secretary has this power because he can either call for a meeting. Or Not.

Let me give you one recent example. There was a meeting scheduled to discuss the selection for the Olympiad. And that meeting was canceled without explanation. So no meeting, no guiding policies and Jimmy and gang got in the back door. Hey Presto, all the strong players are sidelined. There is no respect for the fact that you applied for leave, that you trained, that you used your savings to come to KL to play for a place.

An aside: They have no respect for us but they demand that we respect them or they will try to hammer us to the wall. And that has worked for many years. You have seen their methods now very transparently displayed on the internet. On the blogs and facebook. They try to play God by telling you who is strong and who is not despite the evidence on the table that tells us they are weak. And so they need the PR campaigns and suspect games to build the illusions. They need the tool to ban you without grounds in case all else fails.

So you can now see that those awesome powers that the Secretary now has is used to keep the truth from us. And those same powers are also used to break the spirit of our players and to intimidate the parents and not for building Malaysian chess.

This is all very self evident. All it needs is a superficial look with an open mind.

But is that all the story? If it is, it is not too difficult to fix, is it? Unfortunately there is more beneath the surface. Let me tell you more from my insights during the close association with Greg when we both worked together to bring selection for the SEA games. After reading that I think we will be in a better position to form some conclusions. Not all is what it seems.

Next: My experience with Greg.

ps: Pay attention to this. The real fight is for the Secretary's post. The President is just there to pay the bills when they overspend all the money that could have been used for development. I have covered this topic before so look back if you are interested. But I will probably repeat it again. The best President for them is one with deep pockets and is too busy to ask any real questions.

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