Monday, August 27, 2012

Proof of a blatant lie

This is the proof that Yatz showed to call me a liar. It shows the board pairings. As I said, this was available until R4. Then it was taken off at R5. Then put back at R6 again so Jimmy, Andrew and Yatz can call me a liar.

Link to Yatz chess here in case that screen shot is not clear. Here.

This is the screen shot I just took this morning with the board pairings removed yet again. Actually it was removed again at R7.

Link here.  Accurate when I last checked at 12.50pm today.

Doesn't that show a coordinated effort to lie to the chess public? Would this need the help of the Chief Arbiter, Tournament Director, to execute? This is more reminiscent of the Hamid era isn't it, for those that were around during that time. Lies, character assasination, venom all allowed. Truth of what is really happening is banned.

I can only speculate here since the evidence has been removed again but I suspect Mok, Zhuo Ren or Li Tian did not do well at the later rounds. Or maybe it was Nicholas who did well. We can only make an accurate evaluation if we can see who each player played against. A win by Jimmy against a 1600 for instance is not something we all want to stand up to rock the stadium with applause and hugging and tears of joy, is it? We may hug each other from sheer relief that he made it but that's about it. So Jimmy's point count here means nothing without the board pairings.

Don't you think that the back and forth play of the format tells us something is not right? What are they so scared of? Why hide? If you are strong enough to get in by the back door, you should stand tall and show everyone how you did it. That's what I think anyway.

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